Can I have your attention?

“We read more and more often, but with less concentration.” Erwin van der Zande, Read me first.

A new reading behaviour is occurring, caused by our digitized culture. This book offers information about different aspects of modern reading, but it also generates new, additional information from the reading behaviour of the current reader. In the introduction the reader is asked to make notes in the margins of the book when noticing their way of reading is affected. 

In the first part of the book, Information, five essays show different points of view on changes in reading from professionals in the writing/ publishing field. After each essay follows a question about an aspect of the reading behaviour of the current reader, which can be answered in the book.The second part is Conclusion, which is overview on contemporary reading behaviour made out of excerpts from the text of Information. Finally in the last part of the book, Results, the previously documented reading behaviour can be visualised. When multiple readers have filled in the simple carts and graphs, we can recognize patterns and learn about their (new?) reading behaviour. Then an interesting question can be answered: Do the conclusions about the actual reading behaviour correspond with the perspectives of the professionals on modern reading?