Human development index

Interactive visualization about the Human Development Index (HDI). This is a statistic used to rank countries by measuring development by combining indicators of life expectancy, educational attainment and income. The HDI is a reference for both social and economic development. The circles represent the countries of the world in the application. The ‘world map view’ shows countries according to their geographical location and actual size (square km). The colours represent the 5 different categories in HDI values: very high, high, medium, low, and very low. With a mouse-over extra information is displayed: name of the country, rank in the list of all 169 countries, and HDI value.


In ‘development view’ the countries are rearranged in order of rank, and the size of the circle represents the growth the country experienced between 2000 – 2010. With a mouse-over extra information is displayed: name of the country and growth. An interesting observation is that countries with low ranking had a much more growth than countries with high ranking, with a couple of interesting exceptions to this rule, as for instance Zimbabwe. Programmed in Actionscript. Check the visualization here.