Focussed font

Contemporary reading behaviour is much less immersed than a couple of years ago. With a great deal of distractions, deep reading is gradually replaced with volatile reading and scanning. We become decreasingly engaged with the texts we’re reading.

This phenomenon was cause for me to design a typeface that needs silence, and thus concentration, to be readable. Surrounding noise or notifications from computer/ phone that disturb the reading experience, accordingly deform the typeface. If the disturbance retains, the typeface deformes further and the readability decreases. Therefore the reader must arrange a quiet environment without distractions in order to be able to read the text.

The typeface is attacked by a viral algorithm which is programmed to react to sound. When the algorithm picks up sound by the microphone of the laptop, the virus is released and grows exponentially on the typeface if the sounds remains audible. The growth rate of the virus is increased when the volume of the sound of the surroundings increases. If silence returns, the typeface slowly grows back into the original, readable state.